Windshield Chip Repair

We have trained expert technicians to help you on any vehicle.  The primary purpose of a windshield repair is to seal a minor crack to prevent it from spreading.  We first create a vacuum seal to the damaged area specifically to remove the air trapped within the crack.  The air is then replaced with an acrylic resin that is injected into the crack and is then cured.  This creates a molecular bond that will the strengthen the glass and keeps it from spreading.

Although this should not be considered to be a cosmetic repair, moresoe a structural repair.  You must be mindful that the affected area may still be noticeable to the naked eye, a quality procedure should cosmetically improve by an average of 50% or greater, more importantly salvage the existing windshield from having to replace it.

It’s highly recommended to address this problem as soon as you notice a chip in your windshield before a chip begins to crack and your only option then is having to replace it. Eligibility for rock chip repairs are as follows:
  • The affected area is smaller than 2 inches in total width
  • The affected area is not located near the edge of the glass
  •  It is not in your driving line of sight
  • You are aware that the affected area may still be visible, although not as noticeable

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Mobile Windshield Repair

Take advantage of our mobile / onsite glass repair services to have your auto glass / windshield repaired at a location that’s convenient for you.

Repaired at a Location of Your Choice:

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Lifetime Guarantee

For as long as you own the vehicle, you can rest assured that should anything happen to the auto glass / windshield repair we completed, we’ll make it right.

Windshield / Auto Glass Repair Service

Our windshield / auto glass repair involves a multi-step process that ensures a safe and proper fit that will last. Don’t trust just anyone to repair or replace your auto glass, trust the auto glass repair experts at Mobile Auto Glass Atlanta to fix it right.

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